Everything Plant-Based in the Greater Toronto Area--cover

Everything Plant-Based in the Greater Toronto Area

We’ve all seen them.

The top ten vegan, plant-based and vegan friendly restaurant articles pop up in our feed every few months. There’s two problems with these articles. First, the same five or six restaurants are on every list, so we’re not introduced to many new options. The articles aren’t helping us discover hidden gems that are off the beaten path. Second, the majority of these restaurants are located in downtown, so the lists are catering mostly to the downtown crowd. We wanted to change that.

What we’ve created is the most extensive guide to vegan and vegan friendly eating that covers the entire GTA.

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The Ultimate Guide to 70 Snacks That Are Not Only Plant-Based But Also Healthy--cover

The Ultimate Guide to 70 Snacks That Are Not Only Plant-Based But Also Healthy

Most of the snacks in the ebook can be whipped together in less than 10 minutes. There’s some that can be purchased at a reasonable price, some that take a couple minutes, and some that require a bit of prep work up front, but can stay in your fridge for days at a time.

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The Definitive Guide to Answering Every Anti Vegan Argument

This guide showcases a list of all the arguments against veganism as compiled by César from The Vegan Speak. He’s put together a handy guide for vegans to refer to when they find themselves in an argument defending their beliefs.

The Ultimate Guide to Building the Vegan Pantry

Building a well thought out, well-organized pantry is important for any home that wants to eat healthily and be creative with their meals. For a vegan, it’s critical. I love to cook and I love to organize so it came pretty easy to me (my spices were already in alphabetical order after all). What I’ve discovered is that many vegans struggle on what to stock and how the items impact your health. So, I put together the following guide to building the ultimate vegan pantry.

The Ultimate Guide to Going and Staying Plant-Based

Whether it’s because of a curiosity about moving to a plant-based diet and you are reading this guide to see what might be involved in a major life change such as that, or, you are someone who has made the commitment to living harm-free and eating a healthy diet, but need some support - we welcome the opportunity to support and educate you wherever you are on your journey.