Ten Killer Vegan Podcasts You Need To Listen To

Ten Killer Vegan Podcasts You Need To Listen To


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*Last updated on July 24th, 2018. Originally 'Six Groovy Vegan Podcasts,' it is now 'Ten Killer Vegan Podcasts You Need To Listen To.'

I was young, I remember using our family’s encyclopedia set for school research. When I was starting out in business I read marketing and business magazines that published monthly. As I entered my thirties I found myself reading dozens of books on personal growth, deeply examining my character flaws. Today, I heavily rely on podcasts to help me go deeper into areas of interest and explore topics I might not usually pay any attention to. Podcasts have been a huge part of the democratization of knowledge and have allowed really intelligent and interesting people to share their ideas and knowledge, quickly and without many barriers.

When I set out to create a plant based snack business that could fix an existing problem with a new solution I wanted to dig in to all the existing knowledge out there so I headed straight to my podcast app and started exploring all things vegan. I was blown away and the amount of thoughtful and sometimes controversial content available for free*.

I went down the rabbit hole and am coming up to share what I believe are the best vegan podcasts.

The No Bullshit Vegan Podcast

With a name like that, what more do you need to check it out? Ok, let me give you a bit more detail. The podcast is researched and hosted by vegan fitness coach Karina Inkster. She’s the author of two books an award winning online diet and fitness training program. Her goal with this podcast is to bust the many myths inside the vegan world. I personally value critical thinking when it comes to listening to podcasts and Karina does not disappoint. Her mandate is to further the vegan cause using scientific truths, not made-up facts. In Karina’s words, “My guests and I sift through the B.S., so you can focus on levelling-up your health and fitness in ways that actually work.”

Eat For The Planet

In their fascinating new book, authors Nil Zacharias and Gene Stone share new research, intriguing infographics, and compelling arguments that support what scientists across the world are beginning to affirm and uphold: By making even minimal dietary changes, anyone can have a positive, lasting impact on our planet. In their podcast they aim to answer the question, “how can we eat in a way that nourishes us without starving the planet?” The show features conversations with food industry leaders, health and sustainability experts, as well as entrepreneurs and creative minds who are redefining the future of food.

Animal Justice’s Paw & Order Podcast

Thanks to Tim from Culchered for bringing this one to my attention. Hosts Peter Sankoff and Camille Labchuk do a fantastic job digging deep and episodes examine all aspects of animal rights and justice. Camille is one of Canada’s leading animal rights lawyers, and has worked to protect animals for over a decade and her knowledge comes through. Camille’s work includes documenting the commercial seal kill on Canada’s East Coast, exposing cruelty in farming, protecting the free speech rights of animal advocates, and campaigns against trophy hunting, circuses, zoos, aquariums, shark finning, puppy mills, and more.

Thought For Food Podcast

The goal of this podcast is to go in depth on evidence-based nutrition and beyond to make living a healthy, compassionate and adventurous plant-based lifestyle practical for everyone. No dogma, no drama, just science. They tackle some taboo topics, and to get a taste of how great these guys are and their unique approach watch this TedX Talk (eat plants, take epic dumps).

They set out to create a podcast that brings awareness to the importance and connection between health and fiber and plant foods. In my opinion, they’ve done a great job. Check out this episode with Dr. Pamela Ferguson, it’s time well spent.

Food For Thought

I’m rarely, and I mean rarely, disappointed after having listened to one of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s podcasts. I find her to be one of the most knowledgeable podcast hosts out there today, vegan or otherwise. Her shows demonstrate the value of great research, articulate presentation of an argument and well prepared guests.

Colleen has just the right amount of fire without spewing the venom of self righteousness I find from some vegan podcasters. She produces a great show and always seems to be on top of the most important issues facing vegans and the world in general.

A key episodes to check out: Ten Highly Effective Habits Of Advocates

Vegan Warrior Princess Attack

These two women win for best podcast name and their logo is killer. Callie and Nichole are passionate vegans, feminists, and socialists. Over the last few years I’ve become aware of the filter bubble I live in, the filter bubble we all live in. I’ve made a concentrated effort to seek out ideas and opinions that don’t match with my worldview. Case in point, Vegan Warrior Princess. I’m a capitalist, I believe in free enterprise and when it comes to business feel less government is better. Callie and Nichole have a very different opinion in this regard and I can tell you it’s been really important for me to listen to, understand, and digest their world view. They cover many of the regular vegan topics, but having the chance to hear them through their filter has been enlightening. It’s helped me to be a more well rounded vegan and human.

Taking a pro-intersectional approach to their activism, Callie and Nichole “attack” a wide range of topics from an anti-capitalist, feminist, anarchist, vegan perspective. Episodes can cover anything from why everyone should be anti-mass incarceration to why the movie Interstellar is a sexist, pro-colonialist piece of garbage. The podcast is well produced, covers the important issues, but also everyday things like, if someone asks you to pick up milk on your way to their place, do you? After all, they are going to get it with or without you.

A few episodes to check out: Holiday Advice! Answering Your Questions about Food & Family and Racism In The Vegan Movement

Ten Killer Vegan Podcasts You Need To Listen To

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The Bearded Vegans

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, yes, the show hosts are two bearded vegans. Think coffee shop hipster. Andy and Paul are the hosts who do a fantastic job of researching topics impacting the vegan world today, while also interviewing some of the smartest vegan thinkers, activists, and scientists working on the vegan cause. I like the dialogue between Andy and Paul especially during their movie reviews. I wouldn’t normally think a one hour podcast, picking apart a movie like, If A Tree Falls, would be entertaining, at least not for an hour, but these guys have great rapport and give me more to think about than what I might have picked up watching the film.

The Bearded Vegan Podcast is a place for in depth, honest, unapologetic, and often uncomfortable discussions about the ethical grey areas of veganism. Through these conversations the guys aim to figure out how to create a stronger, more effective, and inclusive animal rights movement. I like the cut of their jib.

A few key episodes to check out: Field Roast Sells To Big Meat and Do Vegan Ethics Go Far Enough?

Our Hen House

Though these shows run a little long, it is one of the best places to hear what’s going on today in the animal rights movement and features interviews with just about every major player out there. Our Hen House spotlights the impressive guests, one my favourites (because I love her cheese so much), is Miyoko Schinner, founder of Miyoko’s.

A great spin off from Our Hen House is The Animal Law Podcast

Nutrition Facts With Dr. Michael Greger

Author of How to Not Die, Dr. Michael Greger, hosts the podcast Nutrition Facts. These short information installments are perfect to send to skeptical friends, family, and colleagues to teach them about all the things about plant-based nutrition. While there are plenty vegan nutrition and food podcasts out there, this one has a reputable, trusted host and is very educational as it shares evidence-based information to help add years to life.

From protein, pregnancy, sugar, alcohol, soy, supplements, children/adolescents, disease prevention; if you are looking for a podcast within the health and nutrition category, Nutrition Facts has you covered.

Other honourable mentions:

Defender Radio, Brown Vegan and No Meat Athlete Radio.

My secret to ensuring I find the time to listen and am listening to the RIGHT podcasts is a very simple hack. On Fridays I spend 15 minutes going through my podcast feed and selecting the shows and episodes I want to listen to the next week. This ensures my choices are purposeful and results in me not trying to read and select shows while I’m driving.

What podcasts do you love that we missed? Let us know!

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