Why we changed our name

Why we changed our name


There’s always some kind of story behind a company changing its name. Although there’s nothing nefarious behind our decision to change from Vegan Labs to Snack Conscious, there is an interesting story, and some great learnings that we’d like to share.

Your customer isn’t always who you think it is

When I launched Vegan Labs last June it was my belief that my primary customer was going to be someone living a plant-based or vegan lifestyle. I spent six months going after this demographic, on Instagram, at VegFest events, through email, and Facebook. But something interesting happened during the second half of 2018. Although I did attract some plant-based customers, the majority who were buying from Vegan Labs were not vegan. The demographic that was buying were doing so because they valued the convenience and the nutritional profile of our snacks. They saw results in mid-day energy levels, many even wrote in that they had lost weight (not something we had been going for).

The problem was our brand was clearly tied to “being vegan”, yet we were helping hundreds of non-vegans snack healthfully and snack consciously.

At events and online, I would hear feedback like “Oh this would be perfect for my vegan friend.” and, “I’ll share this with my vegan co-workers.” This was frustrating because we want to help more than vegans with eating healthy.

I realized, although our product was for anyone interested in eating healthy, our brand name was clouding people’s perception. We were distracting potential customers because of our company’s name.

By the end of 2018, I realized there was a significantly larger group of people I could serve through our plant-based snacks if we didn’t focus on just vegans. Once I realized this, it was clear that the name, Vegan Labs, didn’t represent who we wanted to be anymore. We did not want people to scroll past us on Instagram because of our brand name. So the work began on a new brand identity.

We started by rooting ourselves in our purpose. We believe in snacking, and that snacking can be healthy. We believe like all choices in life, there is always an option to live more consciously. And that’s what we’re most excited about, helping you snack conscious.

After dozens of names, that’s what felt closest to our purpose and mission: Snack Conscious.

At Snack Conscious, we believe food can be good for you, taste great, and support a healthy planet. We create snacks for people seeking nutritionally dense snacks that help them get through the day, hopefully people like you.

Our values remain unchanged, in fact, they are stronger and clearer than ever. We will always be a plant-based food company because we know its the best thing for our bodies and our planet. It’s that simple.

I will forever be grateful for your support through my journey to make nutritious and ridiculously tasty snacks. I hope you continue to be a part of our story.

Onward and upward.