Two Books That We Absolutely Loved This Last Month

Two Books That We Absolutely Loved This Last Month


There’s nothing more rewarding than giving yourself the opportunity to curl up with a great book.

Digital Minimalism - Cal Newport

Fine, great, you’ve figured out how to better fold your shirts and given away everything that did not spark joy for you thanks to Mary Kondo, but what about your digital world? Enter Cal Newport, author of Deep Work and now Digital Minimalism.

Digital minimalists are all around us. They’re the calm, happy people who can hold long conversations without furtive glances at their phones. They can get lost in a good book, a woodworking project, or a leisurely morning run. They can have fun with friends and family without the obsessive urge to document the experience. They stay informed about the news of the day, but don’t feel overwhelmed by it. They don’t experience “fear of missing out” because they already know which activities provide them with meaning and satisfaction.

It’s safe to say this is a life changing read.

Our second suggestion this month is the 100 Year Life by Lynda Scott and Andrew Gratton

What will your 100-year life look like? Does the thought of working for 60 or 70 years fill you with dread? Or can you see the potential for a more stimulating future as a result of having so much extra time?

Many of us have been raised on the traditional notion of a three-stage approach to our working lives: education, followed by work and then retirement. But this well-established pathway is already beginning to collapse. Life expectancy is rising, final-salary pensions are vanishing and increasing numbers of people are juggling multiple careers.

Whether you are 18, 45 or 60, you will need to do things very differently from previous generations and learn to structure your life in completely new ways.

The 100-Year Life is a wake-up call that describes what to expect and considers the choices and options that you will face. It is also fundamentally a call to action for individuals, politicians, firms and governments and offers the clearest demonstration that a 100-year life can be a wonderful and inspiring one.

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