What We Ate This Last Month

What We Ate This Last Month


We’ve focused on easy to make recipes with less than 10 ingredients.

Obviously we love snacking, but here’s what we’ve been making our families in our home kitchens the last few weeks.

Holy Hanna this was good, sorry mind blowing. From Minimalist Baker we bring you Easy Red Enchilada Sauce.



Bold in flavor

Easy to make

So good.

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert. Thanks to Kate and Cookie for this one.

We love almost every non-dairy ice cream out there, be they made from oat, coconut, or almond milks. This recipe really caught our attention because we love chai at SnackConscious. Whole-food, plant-based frozen dessert - yes please. Enjoy.

Because Brown Rice Syrup Is Not A Snack

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